Thursday, May 08, 2008

Move along - nothing to see here.

I just got back from shopping. I heard those screams!

It has been well documented on this blog how much I have anger management issues in stores. But listen - I'm all better now. I have a known affliction. And it feels great. Honestly!

When I'm in a store, and all I can think about is hoping the person holding up the line will choke to death on their own saliva - I can think "relax Snarkolepsy, you've got cabin fever". Oh yes I do!

Look.. depending on who you ask, I have 2/3's of the symptoms. Granted - I'm not in a cabin. Per se. I'd be in a store. That is just a technicality. These people confirm my affliction. You aren't calling them a liar are you?

From the University of Minnesota:

"You're bored, edgy and irritable. You're restless and dissatisfied with being at home. Maybe you're even claustrophobic. Yet, you are immobilized by a pervasive feeling of inertia. You may have "cabin fever."

And here from Mythbusters:

"However, Adam exhibited all four common symptoms of cabin fever (irritability, forgetfulness, angry eyes, and excessive sleeping)"

Whew. That is a total relief. Now I don't need all the therapy and social intervention after all.

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