Monday, May 19, 2008

How boobs have jumped the shark.

This has been bothering me for a while. It started a while back when I went to buy some spaghetti noodles and realised that if I wanted to buy my normal brand - I would have to give to the breast cancer fund.

The pink ribbon symbolising breast cancer doesn't wind up on boxes in its own you know. Companies give a percentage to the cancer awareness fund. Which totally of pisses me off. If I want to donate to the cancer fund, let me do it voluntarily. Not by slipping my donation into the products I buy. I will refuse to buy them.

When I went to the check out isle. I got hit up again. For the booobs ya know. You care about boobs don't you?

Slowly over time, their aggressive fondling of my pockets has been making me more and more annoyed. And.. last night was the last straw.

I went to Carls JR. I'd already paid and was waiting to get my stuff when the order taker asked me if I wanted to donate 2 bucks to the breast cancer awareness fund.

Are they fucking kidding me? Can't I go anywhere without them trying to get money out of me? They are like boob panhandlers. I'm pretty aware of my boobs thank you very much.

I'm just sick of it. Breast cancer in general gets way more funding than a ton of other illnesses. Like ass cancer.

I wonder if men get hit up as often as I do as a woman to give to breast cancer. I think probably not as much. I totally resent fear marketing, and the implied obligation because I'm a woman and my boobs might rot off.

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