Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How I suck at reading people.

With the long weekend coming up, I decided the Canton house should be spruced up. There has been a lot of foot traffic. So the place looks like a herd of elephants have walked through.

If I've learned anything in my life, it is you can't get any cleaners in before a long weekend. Which apparently - is the only time I need them.

So, I've decided to use tweeker girl again. Who might become a steady in my gang. She has actually been really reliable. I would have never guessed that.

On the flip side, the guys who do my lawn and have been with me for years who used to be super reliable - I want to fire. They have become pretty unreliable. Which bums me out.

The update on the Canton house is.. it is still on the market. Today when I drove through the neighborhood - all the bank owned or short sale properties had been sold or taken off the market. So, it looks like the backlog of inventory is starting to move. Less houses are also coming on the market. So, maybe we've hit a bottom. It might be a wide bottom.. but it looks like things are getting better.

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