Sunday, May 11, 2008

Medical Sunday.

Today - we were going to shelter in place. Mothers should certainly be appreciated. Obviously. But, a whole holiday where women take over and can't make a discision to save their lives - makes me want to hide.

Anyway... we got up this morning and our youngest (the baby, Saffron) was a little off. She was staying low to the ground, and was disinterested in attention. For her this is a huge warning sign. She will give up food, water, toys. Anything in favor of being rubbed. We hoped it was just a hairball backup. Even though this would be her first. We gave her pain meds and Propulsid to get her gut going.

As time went on though, it was clear she was in pretty bad discomfort. She was panting. Not with her tongue out like a dog. Bunnies don't do that - but her breathing was very panty. Normally the Metacam provides pretty instant pain relief for bunnies. She wasn't showing improvement so I whipped some sub-que fluids into her, and she perked up. Her breathing is back to normal. For now it doesn't look like a vet visit.

Then later in the day Mr S. and I were making ricotta cheesecake. He was putting a giant water bath pan into the oven, and rubbed his hand up against the oven element.

I don't know why you never have the medical supplies on hand for the emergencies you need. Injury by whirling blades of death. Got you covered. Severe allergic reaction. Here have a shot. Burns.. not so much.

At any rate... Mr S. is all bandaged up after a trip to the store.

Recipe for ricotta cheesecake.

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