Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So many jokes. Must resist.

Because that would spoil all the fun for you guys. If there is anything I've ever posted that begs for participation. It's this.

Okay - Who's bright idea was this? They must be a super genius!

I can barely contain myself with this picture. Am I the only here who thinks this is a bad idea? Yet - it is so funny. For those of your saying my picture sucks - this my friends, is pepper spray. In the checkout isle at the supermarket. Complete with a warning label that says you have to be 18 years or older to purchase. Slim Jims are right next to the pepper spray.

At least I know how I'm going to clear all these people out of the front of the line from now on.


  1. On the bright side, about an hour after you eat the slim jim you won't need the pepper spray, if you get my drift...

  2. Yeah - while they would make me feel green.. the years of eating chili peppers gives me immunity from throwing up. Thankfully!