Friday, May 23, 2008

You know you are curious.

That is the only reason you read this blog. Right? Curious people attract other curious people.

Tweeker girl has turned out to be a pretty amazing worker. She is a little ass-kissey. Which I have to beat out of people. Ass kissey people bug the shit out of me. I already distrust 90% of what people say. That is why I love you minimally social types. If you are going to say something - chances are it is inappropriate, possibly rude, and probably true.

Anyway.. back to tweeker girl. She is such a hard worker that I have a hard time trying to figure out why she doesn't have a productive job. Other than the obvious - she looks like an f-ing tweeker. That girl can do amazing things with a razor blade though. I think she travels everywhere with it. I mean - who here is surprised by that?

In other Canton house news. Apparently I haven't escaped the neighbors yet. I thought that whole neighbor thing was over with. I handled it like a guy. I acted like nothing happened. But apparently she (the neighbor) is still holding onto... whatever. It's petty enough, that I don't even feel like putting the energy in to type out what the problem is. But it does annoy me.

This weekend I don't have much stuff on the roster to get me into trouble. I may get a little closer to Santa Cruz to try to get some interesting pictures. Right now, I'm just close enough that my eyes have burned all day. And I have a weekend BBQ with Mr S.'s buddies. Other than that - I'm already bored. Oh yeah! Making riccota cheesecake for the BBQ. Lightest cheesecake ever. You must try it.


  1. Once I get my crap back from the packers, I'm totally making that cake. Though, damnit, does it require a spring form pan? because I freaking just gave mine away.

  2. Gave it away! What?

    I did not use a spring form pan. Mostly because I was squinchy the water bath would invade the spring form.

    Do the water bath though. You won't believe how light the crust and cheesecake filling are. Normal cheesecake will feel like a brick in your stomach compared to the ricotta one.