Monday, July 24, 2017

When they have nothing left sell - you become the product.

We are basically living through a time of product fascism. And I don't use that word lightly because when most people do - I roll my eyes. But hear me out.

You see, last night as Mr S. was trying to convince me to buy Lightroom for my Mac - I was like no. I don't want to store my images in the cloud. What happens when the cloud doesn't like you anymore? And it turned out to be worse than that. I guess Lightroom is now a subscription/cloud service now, so if you don't pay them every month you stop being able to access your account.

Gone are the days where you buy a product and it's yours to keep. Now....... you don't technically own anything. Right? You only slightly own a bit of that product. Like a timeshare. Making it so you have very little control over the products you buy. Constantly keeping you on a chain.

So when I read this story about Robot this morning just really queebed me out. I guess iRobot is going to start selling the data it collects from mapping your rooms. Which I'm not completely sure how that is interesting to other companies. But who cares? Irobot is no longer interested in selling you products. They are interested in selling you as a product.

"Angle said iRobot would not sell data without its customers' permission, but he expressed confidence most would give their consent in order to access the smart-home functions." Source.

And anyway - I'm sure this is a flat out lie. Because in product fascism they tell you one thing, and they do another. These are the things that can only happen in a very weak economy. (I hope)

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