Thursday, July 06, 2017

I guess he turned out to be a republican after all.

You know - I voted for Trump not fully knowing if he was a Republican or a Democrat. I wasn't really sure. It could have very possibly turned out to be just another RINO. I just felt that even if he was a Democrat, he was still more of a Republican than all of the Republicans we had in office.  Which is sad.

All those big spending socialist Republicans might as well be Democrats. The only reason I voted for Trump was because - if that guy didn't understand capitalism - who the eff is left who does?

After listening to the Warsaw speech I feel more confident. I'm not going to say he couldn't do a lot of things differently, but if he does nothing more than get rid of the repression of regulation it will be worth it.

People don't get it - that is a form of freedom. For all the things people complain about - they should really take a moment and let that sink in. I haven't heard an American President talk about freedom in I can't remember how long. Because really..... a lot of the Republicans in office don't really want us to be free either. They want us to be debt slaves. They spend and spend and spend.

We all thought globalism was making us free-er, but it turned out that it was just creeping socialism.

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