Friday, July 28, 2017

I wonder what that guy had on his record.

Earlier in the week Mr S. was rear ended. He wasn't injured thankfully. But you can almost see the outline of the other guys license plate numbers in our bumper. And it's dented.

Since my whole excessive speeding ticket I've been really aware of the point system. The guy who hit Mr S. only dented the bumper we didn't want to ding his insurance. It's just a bumper - how much could it cost? I did talk to my insurance company and they said anything over a grand would go on his record. Anything under wouldn't.

So we got an estimate and it turned out to be 2600 bucks! This is on a tiny Pontiac Solstice that's like 10 years old. It's the beater commute car. The guy who hit him was also in a beater truck and he lived in Danville! (which for everyone outside of the Bay Area is a super rich city)

Anyway - you can not believe how much bumpers cost these days.  You think it's going to be like 500 bucks. But you pretty much can't get a new bumper without having to go through insurance. Most of them cost at least a grand to replace. It's crazy. We were sure that he was just going to have us turn it in to insurance.

We told the guy we were happy to take the car to any garage he chose so he could have his own estimate. I mean, we are going above to not screw the guy. It was just an accident. You just hope some day someone pays it forward. No one was trying to be a dick about the whole thing. So why not give the guy a break? No one needs an at fault accident on their record.

I guess the guy has decided to pay out of pocket. We deducted some money for paint because it is a beater commute car. But what kind of crap does he have on his record that he pays 2 grand out of pocket when both cars were total beaters?

All I know is that this has been the most amicable accident I have ever seen. People always get shitty.

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