Sunday, July 09, 2017

And then this happened.

As people were asking questions last night at that rocket event, the whitest gingery guy from Stanford stood up and asked how do we encourage more women and people of color to go into rocketry. So the people at the top aren't all just white males.

I immediately get surly because Stanford is one of the whitest colleges on earth. And Silicon Valley is one of the most welcoming diverse places in the United States. All this bullshit about them being discriminatory is completely wrong and irritating. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GET THE SKILLS AND SHOW UP! Tech isn't keeping people out. You are keeping yourselves out. Tech involves a lot of math, and right there women start tapping out. Math is hard.

The reality is most women will not want to go into this field. And for some minority groups it just wasn't "cool" to be a nerd.  Thankfully that is starting to change. But none of this is Silicon Valleys fault. And all this angst is just virtue signaling. Silicon Valley doesn't have a problem with any of these groups. They would die to have you. You just have to show UP! That's it. I swear.

I went into tech when the goal wasn't to get as many vagina's in the door as possible and I never had a problem. The only thing I ever had to change to get a tech job was look serious. If I was having an interview - instead of getting my nails done bright red - I'd choose a sensible French manicure.  But I guess these days that would be considered sexists. It's just ridiculous.

And some of us women went into tech to get away from the insanity of women. Before there were so many of them - it was glorious. When you ask a man what he is thinking and he says - nothing. THAT GUY REALLY MEANS THAT. There is literally nothing but wind blowing between that guys ears. Women are nothing but drama.

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