Sunday, July 16, 2017

More evidence of the carpocolypse.

There are a few lots in the Valley that I think are shadow inventory lots. But I can't prove it. Then today this caught my eye. It's an old ToysRUs, and it's filled with Masdas.

The weird thing is they aren't even taking care of the grounds. They aren't even sending a guy out there with a leaf blower. This has to be shadow inventory.

What happens if these cars don't sell in a year? What will happen to new car prices. And who knows how much shadow inventory they have out there.

(I accidentally torched this post and I couldn't find a cached version. If anyone has a cached version on their device can you send the the text portion in email?)


  1. Hey, maybe even those who still have burger flipping jobs can get a new car on the cheap if it gets bad enough. Murica!

  2. Oh, I'm sure the government will come up with some program that gives them to the homeless. This is still California after all.