Wednesday, July 05, 2017

No turning back now.

SAN RAMON, CA — A pair of $250,000 autonomous buses began driving around an empty San Francisco Bay Area parking lot on Monday (March 6), preparing to move themselves onto a local public road in California’s first pilot program for a self-diving vehicle without a steering wheel or human operator on city streets.

Candidly, I was a little shocked to see this turn up in the East Bay first. I knew all the tech companies in the Valley were planning driverless shuttles for their campuses, but the East Bay isn't exactly tech central. I've been watching for these to turn up in Silicon Valley proper and I haven't seen any yet. I do see autonomous cars fairly regularly, but I haven't seen any shuttles.

And I don't know how San Ramon gets listed as "San Fransisco".  It's not even San Fransisco adjacent.

You can read more here.

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