Thursday, July 13, 2017

Think I was joking? Watch these.

There are no words.


  1. Wow! But what would you do with them? I see them in my area of the country to. What jobs would they get and even at $10 or $12 per hour you can't really do much for yourself unless you pool resources assuming you can find a roommate on that wavelength.

  2. That is the million dollar question. I hate government housing, but I've gotten to the age that I think the only thing we can do is warehouse them. I hate even saying that -- it goes against everything I feel about the world. But there are some who will accept the very least the world has to offer. I don't know how you change that. And ultimately I think their age will make it so they never get off the streets. The young ones maybe have a chance. You can only hope the kids they make spend their whole lives running from that.

    My local McDonalds hired a woman a while ago. She stood out because she didn't have the "McDonalds smile". And also it looked like she had just gotten out of prison. She had a huge tat on her neck, and she might even have a teardrop tattoo under her eye. She is the nicest girl ever. She just has a super rough look. But I was kinda impressed that McDonalds went out of their comfort zone to hire her. Maybe getting one of those jobs is still a possibility. At this point these people have sort of flunked society- so I don't hold out much hope they would work if someone gave them a job like that.