Sunday, July 02, 2017


Remember a few weeks ago I chopped down my neighbors hedge on their property literally in the time in between the old neighbors moving out and the new neighbor moving in. It's the most Jeff Lewis thing I ever done. But what was I going to do? Ask the new neighbors to cut the hedge right after they move in? That sucks. Welcome to the neighborhood - you need to spend a couple hundred bucks cutting that hedge back. Nice to meet you!

Everything had been quiet until yesterday when I saw them over the fence taking pictures of my yard and the hedge. It was obvious that they had noticed someone had chopped it down. I sort of panicked because I thought we would hear about it right away or never. They moved in two weeks ago.

I'm like  shit - what am I going to say? Mr S. wanted to ignore it and deny it. I decided I would act confused and say the old neighbors trimmed it every year.  I mean they did trim it last year,  but they always made it uncomfortable because I always had to ask. The ultimate goal was to make them aware in needs to be trimmed without me having to ask.

Anyway. I'm out in the front yard and they walk up to me. My head starts running a million miles a minute because I'm still not sure what I'm going to say. Here we go I guess I say to myself. We shake hands and introduce each other. They tell me they want to chop down another large tree in their yard that doesn't bother me as much because it doesn't get so close to my house. I'm like yeah - it's your property - you can do whatever you want with it - but can we talk about this hedge? It grows 10 feet in every direction. To my relief instead of digging in their heels and not wanting to trim it, they said they were are already talking about thinning it out.

That thing is seriously 20 feet deep. Their yard would be so much bigger. But they came to this decision on their very own. And it's such a relief. The way Californians feel about trees is a little crazy. You'd think they were killing babies when they trimmed a tree back.

Anyway- Best neighbor day ever.

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