Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Companies never tire of ways to kill themselves.

"If you've cruised around Amazon, eBay, and many other popular websites, you may have noticed an unusual number of images have been removed from listings. In their place: An image asking the user to upgrade to a $399.99 account in order to enable third-party hosting.

That's because Photobucket, a photo sharing service, quietly changed its terms of service, demanding a yearly fee from users who want to post to other sites. Customers have lashed out, accusing the company of charging a "ransom." Source.

This time it's Photobucket. I guess they locked out their users. It used to be free,  and now they want a yearly fee. They know how the internet works right? But they didn't even give potential defectors time to get their stuff out.

This stuff is why I try to avoid the cloud. I'm not paranoid, it's just that when you don't pay a company for a service - they have no obligation to you. I'm looking at you Evernote. Even sometimes when you DO pay a company they act like they have no obligation to you. I'm still looking at you Evernote.

When my ISP decided they didn't want to give me hosting space any more - I decided to self host. The downside is that when I get a power hit at my house - my blog images go down too. So that kinda sucks. But, my data is my data. You don't get to lock me out or change "your policies".

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