Monday, July 10, 2017

I guess that's where they are going to put poor people.

A couple of days ago I read they were going to build about 1700 apartments on top of the old dump in Milpitas. There are already a few companies out there like Polycom. And even though I understand we have a shortage of land, I was fairly shocked the city agreed to do this.

I thought that particular type of building was banned a long time ago due to earthquake rules and the risk of liquifaction. But just additionally - I'm super fascinated about how this is going to turn out. You see, even though that dump is infinitely smaller than when I was growing up - to this day it can make the whole city of Milpitas and Fremont stink all the way to the foothills. As proof I stuck the words "Fremont stink" into google so you could see for yourself I wasn't being dramatic. There is even a twitter feed that's called MilpitasStinks.

It's going to be super interesting to see how people are going to feel living right on top of that. I'm not sure how it will start out, but I'm fairly certain it will turn into low income housing pretty quick. It will be like living next to the city waste treatment plant.

Some days it's not so bad - but other days you can smell it even from my side of town. And who is going to pay top dollar for that? I'll tell you who - no one. But we will start hearing all sorts of stories about how bad the housing situation is that they have to live on top of a dump and how we are mistreating poor people by making them live there. I'd bet anything. Although I did read that it costs three grand a month to live in Alviso. Which is crazy.

They allege they are going to make the development upscale like Santa Row.  But I think they are going to lose their shirts. Even though Joe Montana is apparently a limited partner. Santana Row doesn't smell like a dump.

Mr S. says they should call the development Landfills End.

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  1. Wow, traffic going to get exponentially worse in Milpitas. They've been chasing out businesses, and building condensed housing for a few years now. Idiots.