Wednesday, July 05, 2017

How academia creates shallow thinkers.

Mark Zuckerberg again defends government giving people free money.

Mark Zuckerberg made a visit to Alaska and now he believes in giving people cash for doing nothing even more because Alaska does it. And this is how I tell him is wrong.

When people get to a certain age they don't really want to learn anything new. It sort of starts happening around the age of 30 and only progresses with age. This is just human nature. A basic income only entrenches that into people at an earlier age. And it's really why people get stuck in/on welfare for so long.

Your most valuable years are between the age of 20 and 30. This is where your earning potential lies. When you start hitting 40 to 50 years old your earning years start to decline. So - you only have about 20 years of max earning potential. If you waste those first 10 years - it alters your whole life. And this is why people wind up poor.

I started working at tech companies at 14. And I had to lie to do it because you were suppose to be 18.  But girls always look a little older. I started doing this because I knew first hand from my mother how this turns out because she was a teenage mom. When she finally was able to get into the workforce her best earning years were behind her. She was forever stuck in low wage jobs.

And really - Alaska is a fine place..... but with the money the government gives to people - how many entrepreneurs has it created with that program? There is actually a relatively small amount of the population who continues to grow/learn as they get older. Most become complacent and resist learning. This is why thinking that if you just give people money they will not just become dependent is just a fairy tale. Instead of feeling like the money is a great gift to expand on, human nature dictates they will just feel comfortable and not reach for the stars.

To some degree, only pain motivates you like that.

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