Friday, July 14, 2017

I ran across a BART presser.

I'd been hearing a lot of crazy stories about some of the BART stations in the city. I read that a lot of people are avoiding the Montgomery station because it's a bum infested masturbation pit. So, I wasn't sure what to expect when I got off at the Powell station. Right when you walk out of the exit you get hit with a gauntlet of beggars.

However when I got there it was swimming with cops. No bums, but a ton of cops. Then I ran across this BART presser. I didn't have time to figure out what it was all about. But later I found out it was because BART is withholding crime data because "it's racist". When I first heard about this I just rolled my eyes.

I mean how ridiculous is it that BART thinks that giving us the accurate truth will create racial bias? Obviously this is all our fault for seeing the world with our own eyes and making a judgement. Not the criminals. Said in the most sarcastic way.

I guess crime on BART is super crazy right now. Once the criminals figured out some of the camera's weren't working they set up shop. And why wouldn't they - the agency withholds information to protect them. Yesterday on the overhead they were telling people not to depend on the cameras. It's lunacy.


  1. The stupidity of leftism. I wish we could send all the Austin, TX libtards back to your state. Hopefully we can keep them contained to Austin. :LOL:

  2. Hey.....Austin can't be ~all~ our fault, can it? It's the Texas version of Portland.... right? I refuse to take all the blame. ;)

    Don't send them back here. Send them to Mexico and swap in some legals.

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, July 15, 2017 6:54:00 PM

    Austin's pretty much California's fault.

    At first, the Californians with their massive profits from selling out in California were isolated in pockets around UT and in overpriced enclaves. You could find them in places like Bee Caves Road as well as near scenic overlooks around Mopac and Capital of Texas Highway.

    Then Californians who were less moneyed up decided they could live everywhere else.

    After IBM, Dell, and other companies shed tech workers, those workers decided they liked Austin and that they liked continuing to work in tech companies, so they started a few of them.

    Now Austin attracts the loose and not-nailed-down people from Seattle and Portland as well, who are noticeable for being Left Coast People first and foremost.

    Most of the few Southerners who stuck it out during the Californication period went native.

    Some of the Damned Yankees who stuck it out also went native, but not in a good way.

    More than a few of them turned into Bleeding Leftists Hipsters who are even more annoying than the Californians. They decided that blights such as 6th and Chicon, Montopolis, and Del Valle could be hip, interesting, and trendy, and not just places where a dead body shows up with precision clockwork every Saturday morning.

    But the Texan is right: it's pretty much California's fault this all started. :-)

  4. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, July 15, 2017 6:58:00 PM

    Oh, also, remember when all you needed to get on BART was a set of brass knuckles, maybe a piece of pipe?

    Lemmy of Motorhead has already seen your future.


  5. Wow. Sorry guys. We kinda figured you'd stop them from being pussies. We hoped Texas would rub off on them. Not the other way around.

  6. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, July 17, 2017 11:05:00 AM

    Texans are not allergic to money. :-)

  7. Well.....technically Californians aren't allergic - they just think your money belongs to them,