Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You can understand why I'm confused.

Oh yes. It is still Wednesday. I'm getting another frustration in before the day closes.

So, this afternoon I read that the GM CEO said the US will make money on the government bailout they got. Which I know is a bald face lie. Yet - it's this part of the CEO's statement that really bothers me.

From Reuters.

"For the first time in over a decade, General Motors has a healthy, clean balance sheet. We are not being crushed under mountains of debt. We have a cost structure that works."

Pretty much I rolled my eyes at the whole thing. Until tonight, when this press release came out.

From washingtonexamintor.

"The Treasury Department sank billions into auto finance giant GMAC Inc. without an exit strategy or proof the company was viable — a decision that could cost taxpayers $6.3 billion, a new watchdog report says."

They realize that we know GMAC was an arm of GM. Right?

It's so great to hear about about their relief of not being crushed under a mountain of debt. Because we are now the ones - being crushed under a mountain of debt. Thanks you fuckers. You didn't really need to brag about it.

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