Monday, March 22, 2010

Google it.

I really wasn't going to post today. What can really be said on a day that national heath care passes? Not one single state can control their budgets, and yet this heath care bill is suppose to save us money. It is truly, unbelievable.

I just wanted to document this moment. In the future - I will want to look back and remember the exact day I stopped caring about people loosing their jobs. The precise moment that I stopped caring about people complaining how they couldn't make ends meet because things are so expensive. I wanted to remember why I stopped feeling compassion and only felt indifference. This is what they chose - I will say.

Then, those useful idiots over on wall street. Don't get me wrong - I love a good day on WS. I knew the market would be up today. They love a good socialist agenda. Each and every time it looked as though health care would pass the market spiked. Still, you can only vacuum up money from the economy so long, before there isn't anything there to replace it. I hope it will be worth it for them.

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