Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why pay for something yourself, when you can get your neighbor to do it?

I'm telling you - no one could have predicted this at all. No one!

Today I'm out at subway. I go to this one fairly regularly. So I feel comfortable probing them about the new health care bill. The place is dead empty for 12:00. Once the one customer in front of me leaves I say:

Me - Kinda slow today, right?

Them - Yeah, maybe they will come later.

Me - So, is the new health care bill going to affect you?

Them - He laughs. I don't know. I'm going to cancel my health insurance right away.

I am actually shocked at this response. No, seriously.

Me - You are going to go on the government plan?

Him - yeah.

Me - Well, isn't that going to cost you more? Someone has to pay for it.

Him - Yeah, but everyone is paying for it.

Me - Yeah, but won't you have to pay more as a business owner? Isn't it going to make things more expensive for everyone to pay for it?

Him - Well, it is suppose to bring premiums down. The government pays.

Me - Well, that money comes from you. A business person. Right?

Now, I am flat out irritated that no one - anywhere - seems to understand that "the government" doesn't have money. The people give them money. Additionally, this program to "help the poor needy people"? Is really helping the decidedly wealthy.

This is the same business I was praising in this post about how the American dream was so great. The one where I was marveling that a subway owner could own a 93 thousand dollar Mercedes.

This isn't your average Mercedes. It is the equivalent of a Saleen Mustang. It's a Mercedes that someone put a sports package in and tarded it up.

Those people are going on the government plan.

Now class, what do you suppose happens when everyone does that? Maybe they can tax the wealthy more. It has shown to be so sucessful. Oh right. Not so successful. No matter.


  1. It's all a matter of money, no? It seems that the scheme is to fine a business $750 per worker for not providing coverage, and it rises to like $2000, or something like that. So, the question then becomes, which is more, the fine or the coverage? Voilà: public option!

    Oh, and don't forget that the party of "Everybody pays, so it's free money" is the Democrats. There's a reason why they were desperate to pass this thing, no matter how unpopular it was right away. Once the system is in place (and now it will be pretty much impossible to repeal), there will be a fixed constituency bound and determined to vote for whoever promises to "maintain the system." Guess who that is? In Canada and the UK, it's--every major party, and there is no real "conservative" party.

    Leviathan is hungry, and he'll get fed. Welcome to the future.

  2. Well, the Leviathan will probably starve.

    After all, aren't they talking about adding a population the size of Canada (today) to the rolls. That isn't even counting the rich who think they are too clever for words.

    I'm not a math genius, but it seems like cracks would show pretty quickly. After all, 31 states aren't even capable of paying their unemployment benefits. 31 Kansas was added this month.

    I just wish it would happen already and get it over with.