Thursday, March 04, 2010

The small things amuse me.

I was up at Berkeley today at one of the protests. I thought it would be a campus thing. But, they started moving towards Oakland. I was right about Ashby Street when I started growing tired of these people. They weren't interesting, and they weren't causing trouble. So...meh.

I didn't know where they were actually going, so I asked one of the bike cops if they knew.

Bike cop says - I think they are going to something something something.

I don't pay attention well sometimes. Just so you know.

Me - How far is that?

Bike cops - I think it is like three or four miles.

Me - Serious!

Bike cops - Yeah, you better put on your boots.

Me - Na... I'm out. I'm just here to mock these people anyway.

Which is where I think this conversation ends. But, oh no.

Bike cops - What do you have a blog or something?

This actually caught me off guard, and I wasn't sure what to say for a second. Internally I think, mother effer. Yeah, I've got a blog. I'm a loser.

I confirm I have a blog. The cop then says. Well, what is your blog name?

I look and him sideways for a second and say - naaa. It wouldn't be your thing.

Bike cop - You don't know what my thing is. You don't know what I do in my off time.

Me - You wouldn't remember it anyway.

Him - No... tell me what it is.

Me - Honestly, it wouldn't be your thing.

He relents. I just thought it was funny that somehow the idea I was mocking people automatically means I must have a blog.

Also the picture above? I just found it ironic that the protestors were doing the black power thing in front of a Chevron.

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