Friday, March 19, 2010

People trying to be splats.

This morning I was driving in the downtown area. I was driving in traffic with about 20 cars. I was towards the back of the pack. There were probably three or four cars behind me. The rest in front.

I see this girl standing on the curb to my left. I'm about 30 feet from her and she starts to walk into the road. I start to slow down. She stops. I'm still rolling but I maneuver to make sure I give her extra space, because she is now in the street.

She starts to walk again. At this point I verbally and demonstratively say - really!

I'm close enough now that I can hear her say "pedestrians have the right of way!".

I look behind me. See the cars still behind me and think "that bitch".

Pedestrians now think they can just walk into moving traffic and force a line of cars to stop. She wasn't even in a crosswalk anyway.

I honestly couldn't effing believe it. Though it does make sense now why peds refuse to speed up at all when they cross the street. They behave as if cars don't even exist.

Darwin is really going to have to start working overtime on these people.

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