Friday, March 05, 2010

Today - you get a story.

One of the quirky things about Mr S's and my relationship, is that our brains are wired completely differently when it comes to getting around in the world. I am actually pretty good at not getting lost. And if I do, I'm pretty good at getting my way out of it.

If I've been somewhere once, there is a 95% chance I can find my way out. My brain is geared in a way, that landmarks really imprint on me. It's kind of spooky sometimes because I never look at the road names.

Mr S. however - not so much. You could take him to the same place 5 times, spin him 180 degrees and he wouldn't know where he was. I often tell him he couldn't find his way out of a paper bag. Well... unless he had a map. I guess. He is more geared towards maps. Which I have okay-ish skills. To make matters funnier, Mr S. used to work on flight sims. So spatially he is really good. But still, every place looks new to him.

This often creates a bit of frustration with us. Our communication completely breaks down. Like yesterday when I was walking around Oakland. About 63rd Street I sent a text to Mr S. telling him where I was, and asked him where the nearest BART station was. He replies: You are getting really close to MLK jr. Way.

Now, there is a back story to this. I almost universally will not go onto Martin Luther King Jr Way. It hasn't been that way in a while, but when ever you'd hear about a shooting it would be on the MLK. And now I still just refuse to drive down any street labeled MLK. So walking down the MLK.. really unlikely.


So, I accept his warning for what it is, but he wasn't being helpful. And it was making me crazy. He goes on then to tell me there were stations I think north of me and somewhere else. Which always result in my saying "baby, you know I don't know which way North is!" Which is sort of assholish of me, probably. It isn't that hard, but getting around the other way has always worked for me.

At this point, I don't even care about getting killed on the MLK. I just want the nearest station. I will take my chances.

Finally I'm able to pry out the nearest station excluding the one on MKL, which turned out to be Rockridge. But the whole thing was comical in how typical our conversations go when it comes to getting around places. It is like we have to completely different agendas.

Plus... what the eff is up with cell phone coverage in Berkeley!? OMG it is like a third world up there. Half the time I couldn't get any coverage. Sometimes I could only get text. I finally had to call Mr S. because I just couldn't get any service.

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