Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How giving money to contractors is the least efficient way to get the economy going.

A few nights ago my neighbor came over and told Mr S. that he was going to have a guy out trimming his hedges. This is the neighbor who had the dog that was jumping our fence. Also the one who wanted us to commit insurance fraud so he didn't have to pay for replacing the screwed up fence the dog was jumping.

We have actually had fantastic relations since we put the new taller fence up. No pop overs. Yet it was really odd he alerted us, because he is the only neighbor that doesn't have trees hanging into our yard.

I don't know, maybe he got the idea that it was polite to inform your neighbors if you are over the fence line and can peek into their house. Which I love!

Anyway. The hedges he was having trimmed were those tight labyrinth type hedges. They are about 20 feet long and slightly over a mans height. Maybe 8 feet tall roughly.

When I saw the guy trimming them yesterday around lunch time I had to laugh. He was out with those old timey human powered scissor type hedge trimmers. The kind you had before electric hedge timmers were dirt cheap. Still, I thought maybe that guy is fast, and can whip through them in a couple of hours. An electric hedge trimmer would make it an hour job at best. With clean up - two hours, tops.

By the end of the day, he had only gotten maybe half the job done. Then left for the day. I don't know what time he left, but I know he was there around 4:00. So he spent a half a day to get the job half done.

This morning, when I woke up - he was there again. But, had gained the bright idea that he should get an electric hedge trimmer.

The guy is still out there, and still isn't done. Which would flip me out if he was working for me. I don't know if all the good workers have left the state, because the ones I see lately are just homesteading on projects. Used to be there was more money to be made by being quick. Unless they were just trying to pad the bill.

All I know is - I'm glad I don't need anyone to work for me right now. The contractors have gotten really skeeby lately. It is a good lesson though. These people need to be told they will get the same money if it takes them 1 hour or three days. No camping at my place.

The sad thing is, the only reason my neighbor hired anyone is because he had shoulder surgery. If I'd known he was going to hire such a tard I would have whipped over there and chopped it down within an hour.

I don't know, maybe he is giving that guy charity. My neighbor is kinda churchy.

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