Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today's weird - was weirder than usual.

I admit, I'm a little scared to post my stuff from today. You know I'm always trying to get you unusual stuff. Right?

The day started out innocently enough.

You remember a while back I was up in Sacramento at the Squeeze Inn? Remember I told you about that crazy two hour line? Well, at one point I stepped out to take photos and when I got back Mr S. had made temporary friends with this guy who told him there was an awesome place for cheese steak sandwiches in Campbell called Amatos.

We were on our second visit there, when we see these guys by the side of the road. I have Mr S. whip around so I can take shots. They were in a hard place to photo so I eventually had Mr S. park, and I got out to take them.

I had to ask why they were wearing masks, and why they were protesting. One guy said something about being harassed if the... um...."churchy folks" found out who they were. Which I found kinda funny and maybe dramatic.

I get back to the car and start telling Mr S. what they said. I look over his shoulder and start laughing. Ooooooh, this is a - Um... "churchy building". You understand why I don't say the name. I don't want them tagging my site.

Anyway. We go to take off out of another side of the building and there were these women there. I wanted to take shots of them. Because, well, it was interesting they weren't wearing masks. I hop out of the car to take them.

First thing I say to the women is "why aren't you wearing masks like the other guys".

One of the females - Oh, they already know who we are.

Then I asked if they minded their image being on the internet, and if I could get a shot of them with the "churchy place" in the background. One tells me she can't go on their property.

Which of course makes me curious! Turns out - she used to be a member for something like 29 years. For some reason she'd given them a lot of money. Like 20 grand, and for whatever reason she wanted her money back. They refused, and she threatened to sue. I guess that made them take out a "no trespass" order, and made her sign something. But, it sounded like she never got her money back.

I told you it was weird.

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