Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Huh- now that is sort of uncomfortable.

Well, the unemployment numbers come out tomorrow and I'm up to my usual agitation.

So - we all agree that California is around the 8th largest economy in the world. Right?

How would you feel if every single person in that economy was on food stamps? Not a one of them can make enough money to feed themselves. Not one.

Well, that is where we sit today. 37 million people on food stamps. The equivilant of the entire population of California. Seems like that might cost a lot of money and be a drag on the economy. Wouldn't it?

I honestly never thought in my life I would ever see something like this.

Yet it even gets better. Today I ran across a link pointing to a youtube video that claims JP Morgan makes money off the EBT(food stamp) accounts. That video is blocked, but who needs it when JPMorganChase has a link right here. Which is so totally awesome. Because you know, they have a real incentive to get people off the system.

You know, this place is looking nothing like communism. Food stamps a plenty, socialised medicine, and 10-20% unemployment. They should have me watched for even suggesting it.

Oh! And the beautiful mantra that the administration is creating jobs. Like all those rebates for "winterizing" your home. Which is really funny - because all those things were already in the tax code.

They were there through at least half of the Bush Administration. I've gotten a rebate on a bunch of them. Windows,water heater,insulation. I believe I even got one on the new roof I installed many years back.

When I first moved into this house I even put solar powered vents on my roof. You know what I got? A rebate. That was a full two years before President Money Bags. But, now everything is different. That whole program is going to create a bunch of jobs! You can bank on it. And if it doesn't. They are expanding the food stamps program. Just sayin'. We've only got one full state signed up. There is like 49 more.

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