Sunday, March 07, 2010

These are our choices?

Some days, I honestly want to move from California. We have such horrible choices for politicians - I almost find myself wanting to move to Jersey. Yikes. I can't believe I just said that. At least their new Governor "gets it".

When Meg Whitman first announced, I thought I'd go for her. At least she'd run a business. Thought not very successfully lately. But, there was some green douchebaggery I'd vaguely remembered about her. I think she gave a bunch of money to green causes. So, she was immediately out.

Even if that weren't a problem though - she puts out a presser with this shit:

"As governor, I will create a jobs ombudsman who will be at the front door of employers day and night to encourage them to hire. That person will sell California as a business-friendly state with a highly trained workforce that is driven to succeed."

Sooooo. She's telling me she is going to hire a nag, that pokes companies to hire. Which proves to me she's just another of the long line of ftards who try to run this state. Companies will hire when they think it is profitable and beneficial to them. Not by proxy of nagging. Why not just call it a jobs nag czar?

And Governor moonbeam Jerry Brown? Oh shit. You have to be joking. Maybe he can just sue companies into hiring.

I shit you not. Right at the height of the market falling off a cliff - on or around June 2009. He sued one of the burbs next me, to build more houses. The city has a cap on how many houses can be built for their town.

It didn't matter that the suburb right next to it - has an excess of housing. They did some seriously dense build-up. I'm pretty sure some of them are still sitting empty. But, he said it was a right for people to live and work in the same city. Plus said some other shit about greenhouse gasses and commuting. Which I honestly tuned out.

Back to Meg. Our Toyota plant is closing at the end of the month. You know what Meg wants to do with it?

"In the case of Nummi, we have an opportunity to take a 20th century plant and retool it as an incubator for clean technology. As governor, I will personally hunt down the best and brightest and recruit those who are not already here to join our green technology revolution."

In other words - take a manufacturing plant that was once profitable, and turn it into something that has never turned a profit anywhere.

Good job Meg!

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