Wednesday, March 10, 2010

OH! It -is- Wednesday.

Today I was running it around in my head that I'd been talking about politics too much lately. Hey, I'd love to rip something out of my house and bitch about whatever comes with that. But, it seems like "some people" can't figure out how an economy works.

Since we are all dependant on feeling like we can reasonably easily make money, I'm still not spending the money I have. See how that works? I mean.. why not spend a whole lot of money when California has one of the highest unemployment rates. The Nummi car plant is closing down at the end of the month creating a ripple effect through the economy. 29 states are now borrowing from the government to keep paying unemployment benefits.

How many states do we have again? It must be something like 56. And, California makes up about 25% of the 33 billion the states have borrowed. Tax revenue everywhere is still plunging by double digits. 39 mil are on food stamps. Okay. Don't kill yourselves.

I'm just saying - it doesn't make people want to spend money. So you get politics for now. And, the item that is making me.. well, I want to say agitated. Which will probably get me on some watch list. So I'm not going to say agitated. But it would be something like that.

Which brings me to Meg Whitman. She is making me crazy. In a completely rhetorical way. Cripes.

Remember a couple of days ago I was complaining about how she wanted to turn the Nummi plant into "an incubator for clean technology". Feels good right? Yeah.

Now let us turn our attention to Spain. Isn't this the model we are suppose to be following? I thought President Money Bags said they had some perfect model we should duplicate. Here. I mean, If you want 19.5% unemployment. Almost 45% for those under 25. Here.

Which also seems to be the model Whitman is following. I mean, she just opened a "green" shopping hub that promises to "help shoppers identify products that are green by virtue of being vintage or used; made of sustainable materials or designed to save energy." And "For the first 250,000 people who pledge to reuse on eBay through its “Green Team Challenge” the company will protect an acre of rain forest in their name."

Now, I don't hate the environment. I just like jobs more. I also don't like when people who want to run our state are more focused on the rain forest than the crushing debt that will stifle our economy for years to come. You know, because companies are starting to get hit with massive hikes in payroll taxes to make up for them borrowing money from the government. I don't know. Maybe someone could think about ways to stop crushing people so they feel comfortable spending money. Just an idea. Or, there is always the Spain model.

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