Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If you were ever curious.

When I was down in Fremont this weekend I was shocked about how much retail space was open. So, I took some flip video.

It's pretty boring and doesn't show it that well. But if you wanted to hear what I sound like you can listen to it here.

I will probably delete it in not too long and put a better one up. This is all I have for today because I'm tired.


  1. Cool! Totally not the voice Keyser was expecting. You're a *hippy*! In a good sense of the word, of course. :-) Just not at all what Keyser would have predicted...

  2. Ha ha hah. Not too shabby. At least that is what I identified as being growing up. I might as well still claim it. Though I'm mostly reformed.

    It's funny you picked that exact thing though. I wouldn't have gotten it from my voice, but then other people's view of me is often much different than I see myself.

    I imagine people see how I write and think my words are much pokier.

  3. Well, part of it is the interior monologue you give us. You say (if memory serves) that people find you empathetic, but you tell us the rather different sort of thoughts that you have going on in your head. Now that there's a voice to go with the persona, what you say about yourself makes more sense.

    Not sure if this is good or bad, but the voice also seems younger than the impression given by the writing. Keyser had gotten the impression that you were about a decade younger than he is, but the voice sounds younger still. So that's good, right?

  4. I don't remember what I said. People say stuff to me all the time, I don't see.

    A month ago I walked up to an acquaintance and she said "you are one of the calmest people I know".
    I was really startled and thought she was putting me on. Serious? I said - you don't really mean that. She insisted. I eventually thanked her and told her that internally I was probably one of the most anxious people she would ever meet.