Friday, January 11, 2008

You had me at blinky lights.

I'm going to start out with the car stuff. I realise I'm probably the only one who thinks the cars at CES are awesome. Even Mr S. isn't that interested in them. And he is a car guy.

I am not even sure why I find them so interesting. Honestly, it's pretty unlike me. If I saw one of these cars on the street - I'd probably want to beat the owner with a club. Or burn holes in their heads with the lasers I shoot from my eyes. But when I get to CES, I turn into complete tard. I just can't explain it. Mr S. says it's the same reason guys like boobs. Men can't explain it. They just like them - and I get about as goofy as men do around boobs. Even the reaction from the others guys at the show make it clear they think I've lost my mind. But, see those same guys over with the booth babes... they turn into dorks. Same thing~!

Let me give you an example. Try to look at the faces on the guys crowding around this van which was easily the loudest on the show floor. Vibrate the walls, feel the bass on your chest loud.

Now look at the face on this guy at a babe booth.

Honestly... as you are browsing my pictures - look at the faces of the guys in the photos. Then refer to my booth babe shot.

I just realised I'm going to have to charge some batteries before I can unload more pictures. So let me start you out with this:

Shouldn't there be some law that if you are wearing a pink turban and tie, you shouldn't be allowed to checkout this fine Bentley? Honestly. They should make a whole law. Right?

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