Friday, January 25, 2008

Trick? Or treat?

No snow yet. Now is your time to double down and make those bets. The smart money would bet against snow. It isn't really reasonable to think it will snow at 400 feet above sea level. But Santa Cruz got pounded with snow yesterday. It looked like a scene from Tahoe. I can see snow on the hills for christ sakes, and it is oh-so-bone chilling cold.

I know your readers from back East are rolling your eyes... but whatever. It's cold.

This morning we awoke to our water heater being out. Did I mention how much I hate being cold? I've barely recovered from the heater being out for a few days. I'm beginning to think my house hates me - and wants to slowly kill my soul.

Anyway... Mr S. lights the pilot - And goes upstairs to take a shower. I immediately hear the water turn off. He comes down to report there isn't any warm water. He goes out to check the pilot and sees it's gone out again.

Since this has happened about 10 times in the last two weeks - I start to think we need to replace the water heater. I grumble about how things that make you warm can never go out when its warm. Mr S. proceeds to take a cold shower. Which is always a perfect way to start out the day. Isn't it?

After he goes to work I take a stab at trying to see if I can get the water heater working. I just have a hard time with intermittent problems. I pretty much feel that simple technology either works or it doesn't. And until it doesn't... it isn't actually actually broken.

Despite never having lit a pilot light before I get it running. Yes.. I do think I'm a god at that moment. And - I think it will make Mr. S's day that he doesn't have to deal with it.

Sadly - the patting myself on the back only lasted about 25 minutes.

I couldn't believe it would run for that long and really be broken. So I sat out in the garage for like a half an hour watching the pilot light. Hey - you can be pretty motivated to do such things when you haven't gotten a shower yet. I was really not looking forward to taking a cold shower. Turns out it is my old nemesis - the wind. Man I hate the wind.

So - if the gusts ever die down. Maybe I can have some hot water. Until then.. I'm pretty screwed. I'm guessing the water heater isn't vented correctly. And that will need to be fixed. Hopefully not the Friday before a weekend. Which is when everything seems to want to break. Plus, I just hate shelling out unplanned money.

In other news... I'm sort of dreading the weekend. I have a lot of shopping to do. You all know how much I love shopping - right? I'll be going to a big appliance warehouse sale. Where I'm sure I'll want to burn holes in the sides of peoples heads with lasers. Our kitchen guy has returned to help us out with a bunch of stuff. So I need to shop so he can be productive.

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