Thursday, January 31, 2008

I feel robbed!


UK women get bra price equality
Jan 29, 2008 8:24 PM

Forty years after feminists threatened to burn their bras, British women have won another battle in the fight for equality.

Asda, Britain's second-biggest food retailer and owned by US giant Wal-Mart, says it will no longer charge women more for bigger bras in its George fashion range.

"We're putting an end once and for all to one of the last prejudices - that of the bigger-busted woman," said brand director Fiona Lambert in a statement.

"From now on, all bras at George will be exactly the same price from A cup through to F cup."

Oh the humanity! Now that I've gone and changed my breast size - they lower the prices on bras? How is that fair or logical? I have to subsidize the cost of bras for larger breasted women? F-them! Where were all those women when my oppressive knockers were costing me extra?

And, of course we all agree large breasts are one of the last prejudices. There aren't any others left on earth. It's sub-human how women with big boobs are treated. Honestly. Wouldn't you agree?

Who says shit like that anyway? I was a big breasted woman, and - I've never been discriminated at because of it. As a matter of a fact - I had to fight my whole life to not get preferred treatment because of them. I don't begrudge women and their new largesse - but if you could afford to pay for those puppies. I'm sure you can afford a few more bucks a month to pay for the larger bras. Or did didn't it occur to you that bigger boobs cause bras to break down faster.

I swear, if I hear any bitching from these chicks about under-wires - I'm gonna loose it.

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