Saturday, January 26, 2008

All survived - so far.

First shopping trip down. One to go.

I've decided that I don't hate shopping as much as I just hate people. But, as warehouse sales go - it wasn't that bad. There were no screaming children. Except at breakfast.

Beautifully behaved children to the back of us. A horrible monster all the way on the other side of the room. And parents who had no concept of teaching their poiled little spawn about inside voices. A whiny little monster at that.

I've also decided that I don't so much hate children and dogs as much as I hate children and dogs with voices. In the long - long ago... children were to be seen and not heard.

Anyway....back to the warehouse sale. We picked up a stove and a dishwasher. I think did amazingly well with the crowds. Despite being up a lot of the night.

Normally, when I'm not able to sleep - the night is too quiet. But I can't do anything that makes my brain engage. I can't look at lights. I can't watch TV or the Internet. But, last night the wind was howling. And, I found it actually comforting. It was like weather white noise.

One more shopping trip tomorrow. Next week will be really busy. And I have to go the DMV to renew my licence. You all know how that is going to go. Not well.

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