Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stuck in your head.

I'm always a little surprised at myself, when I initially am not that fond of something, and it winds up being something I completely love. So much so - that I will go out of my way to find it.

Which is how Mr S. and I found ourselves at another tile store. It's called Porcelanosa. It really is one of the most beautiful showrooms I've seen. Its very modern, and doesn't have any country kitchy stuff that doesn't interest us.

Some stuff is a little over the top. Like this sink. It's glass.

I'm not sure who in their right minds would have a glass bottomed sink. But it does look kind of neat. A marriage ruiner - but still very neat looking.

Anyway... it all started out with these tiles.

When we saw them recently - they really stood out because they were 12 inches by 35 inches. It's a pretty unusual size. I couldn't imagine how they could be used. And they had this weird moray pattern. They just seemed odd to me. I didn't really like them.

But, I was intrigued because of their unusual size, and wound up looking for a store on the web to see if they showed any design pictures of them. Turns out - the company who makes them had a store here locally.

This is how they are displayed at the tile store. I completely fell in love with them.

The rest of these are just other design displays.

OH! Except for this one. Remember those bubble tiles I've talked about a few times? Here. It turns out they don't look as odd as I thought. They had a display of them.

They still aren't my style - but I found them interesting.


  1. A glass sink?!?! What the...?! As if I don't have a hard enough time keeping a white one clean. Though I guess if you can afford a glass sink, you can afford the people to clean it every day.

    I quite love those wood grain tiles. It makes me think of petrified wood.

  2. "Though I guess if you can afford a glass sink, you can afford the people to clean it every day."

    I guess so. It strikes me as one of those products that makes you go "wow" the first time you see it. Then turns you into a neurotic mess mumbling "must keep clean - must keep clean" And I'm not anywhere near a clean freak.

    "I quite love those wood grain tiles. "

    Really!? That totally makes me smile.