Sunday, January 27, 2008

More about kids.

This morning while out at breakfast - we sat in a restaurant filled with small children. They weren't bothering me at all. Which caused me to totally wonder why these kids weren't bugging me, and that kid yesterday was.

I told my husband that maybe I was becoming a little racist - because it normally it was children of middle Eastern decent that seemed to bother me the most.

Which would be sort of odd actually. I think I hate most people equally - not one group over another. If you are causing me to not move freely about my business. Well - I pretty much hate you. Holding up a line. Yep.. hate.

Those are the only two speeds I have. I don't really have to time break it down into cultural boundaries. And why bother?

So anyway, back at the restaurant. I sat around looking at these children. Some who were even pretty fussy. I trying to figure out what the difference was. When it hit me.

Middle Eastern cultures seem to hold their children less than other cultures. These children, even though they were crying - the parents would pick them up and put them on their laps. They were still crying and fussy. But not loud wailing permeating every bit of space - hear them across the room type of fussy.

And yes.. I do go out to breakfast a lot. Especially if I have to work or shop. It's best for everyone. If you were wondering.

Now I must go watch my Amazon unbox download of The Bridge to try and forget about my shopping experience.

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