Friday, January 04, 2008

Welcome to 2008~

This morning has been all about damage control. You see.. we are in the middle of a storm the likes we don't really see around here. The wind is unbelievable.

We are basically having a hurricane. It's so bad in fact, I'm listening to the emergency police scanner. And the emergency services are being taxed to the max.

This morning - first thing, we went to check on the crap shack because we because just stuck up those gates. They have a 12 foot span - so I'm concerned about them. Trees had already been dropping.

So far I've already lost 2 segments of fence with two different neighbors at my place.

You know how I love dealing with neighbors to get fences repaired. It's a pain in the ass. They never want to spend the money to fix them. Ever.

One we already knew was a problem. The neighbor is a nice guy - but he is a cheap skate. The contractor rumor mill is that he books contractors to work, and then take a long time to pay or never pays. The other neighbor - looks to have made a temporary fix. Which is promising. I give him props for effort. With these winds, I doubt its going to stay. But at least he tried.

The best thing is the deck over my garage has formed a ginormous leak. I knew it was a problem. I figured it would leak.. but not like it is. But who would have expected rain like this either. Sideways wind and rain.

I feel like I need to check on the crap shack from time to time, but I'm actually a little afraid because the house is in an area with a lot of power lines.

So.. I'd say today is a little crazy. But - I still have power. For now.

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