Monday, January 28, 2008

Todays wig out moment.

There are so many things that are going to push me over the edge today - but my fucking creepy neighbors are going to piss.... my.... shit.... off.

So - I walk out of my office into the living room, which has a full wall of glass sliders. This looks out onto the backyard. There, I see my neighbor to the back - up on a ladder at the fence line. Staring into my living room. I was so socked by it I was stopped in my tracks. I was looking at him - he was looking at me. And we just froze dead locked on each other for a few seconds.

Surely he was working on his yard and cutting trees or something. Right? Okay, even though there weren't any tree's directly around him. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt. Except when he saw I wasn't moving from my position - he got down from the ladder and moved it. That doesn't look guilty. Right?

What the fuck was that? If I hadn't have been so shocked I would have asked the fucker what he was doing. And it wasn't even like he is a young guy.

Oh - and if this isn't enough. I've been having a conversation with my husband for months about our neighbor to the front. I'd been chalking his behaviour up to being nosey. But honestly now, I just find it creepy.

To get from my living room to the kitchen - I have to pass the front door which has a very small pocket window. I can see his front door from this window. A lot of times I'll walk into the kitchen and then on the way back to the living room - out of the corner of my eye I will see him standing at the sidewalk and the walkway that leads up to his door. Just looking at our house.

For months I have been complaining to Mr S. that they were super nosey. That every time I was in the front yard - the neighbor would find some reason to be out in his front yard. Mr S. thought I was crazy. Until every project Mr S. and I did in the front yard - the neighbor would find some reason to come out in his front yard.

Now you might still not be convinced the behaviour isn't co-incidence - but I still have those security cams on the house. Every once in a while I'm not sure if I'm just being overly sensitive, and I'll run the camera back. But like clock work. If Mr S or I are doing something in the front yard - up pops the neighbors garage door and out he comes.

That neighbor is just annoying... but the one to the back - I feel like going over to his house and telling him if I catch him doing that again I will call the police. WTF?


  1. Set up your camera on a tripod, with it's biggest lense, and point it at neighbors house.
    Put it up in your garage too when you work our front.
    That should be good for a laugh.

  2. Wow talk about creepy. It may be time to invest in new curtains. I have a similar problem with my new neighbors, but I chalk it up to them just being overly friendly. They aren't stalking me, but they have stopped by for random reasons. They also seem to always want to do laundry as soon as they see me go in. I just try to smile and be nice, but subscribe to the maxim that good fences make good neighbors.

  3. It is creepy - right?

    I've been trying to figure out if I was over-reacting. So I've been second thinking it.

    All I know if I was doing something and needed to accidentally look in my neighbors yard and got caught - I would wave, and continue doing whatever I was doing in an effort to say "look - I couldn't help it.. see, I'm working on something". But he didn't, so I'm still saying he's creepy.

    "but subscribe to the maxim that good fences make good neighbors"

    Or more land!