Friday, January 11, 2008

Hello Kindle.

Mr S.'s kindle arrived this morning. It was ordered on Dec 1st. For all those tracking that sort of thing to find out when theirs might arrive.

First impressions?

It is less hideous in person than it looks in pictures. It is also much smaller than I expected. Most of the pictures I've seen makes it look bigger.

This is what it looks like next to the Amazon shipper invoice. Which is about a 3rd of a sheet of regular paper.

Now I must drink more coffee and unload about a billion photos from CES. Yeah - I know everyone has already covered CES. But you are going to like my coverage better. I wasn't forced to be there. So I'm not all jaundiced and resentful.

See you soon!


  1. This will come in handy when he is confined to bed with the plague.

  2. Well - no plague yet. Only the threatening of a plague. Maybe that asshole (patient 0) didn't go to the show this year, and we won't get sick!