Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The happiest plauge - ever!

Dear Readers, I'm going to become deathly ill - and I'm really happy about it.

What, what, what, you say? Mr S. and I are going to CES after all! Which means, I'm going to get the historic illness that plagues CES attendees.

We'd actually put the whole CES thing out of our minds. The marketing god who puts your name on the list, wasn't in the mood this year. We were tired anyway.

But then, something magical happened. On New Years eve - the mail came. Enclosed was a golden ticket. From CES! Well, it was really just a registration form.

Apparently, since we went last year, they were going to let us register this year. Screw you marketing gods! See how ungrateful I am? Since without the marketing guy - we wouldn't have been able to go either year.

But, me being all appreciative isn't why you read this blog. Right?

Oddly - it's costing us half of what it did last year. Even though the flights are totally last minute.

I already feel my inner tard trying to emerge - because I really want to see the car section more than a lot of the other technology. You remember this from last year. Right?

Updated: Not one of my readers pointed out what I tard I am at spelling the word plauge? You guys know I'm illiterate!


  1. That is awesome. Make sure to take lots of photos. I wish I was going, but I'll just have to wait for your updates. I'm surprised that you could get a room this quick. I would have thought the hotels would be sold out by now. I once made an impromtu trip during a convention and ended up sleeping in a parking lot. It was pretty miserable. In retrospect, I probably should have made a reservation first.

  2. A room? Oh-no. That would be too convenient. We didn't think we were going. So, we are flying in and out the same day. Which means we probably will get stuck in Vegas because of the storms. But- we are going on the last day.. so hopefully if we get stuck - most everyone else will have cleared out. Or decided that techies melt in rain.

    We did the same thing last year. In and out in the same day. It was rough. I think we almost ran though 80% of the venue space. I had blood blisters on my feet when we got back. What is the place - like 4 football fields or something?

  3. "Because, occasionally we’d like to be able to use some Apps? When are those Linux guys going to get around to creating some Apps? I’ve been waiting for like 20 years.

    Oh - wait. Its free? That explains it.


    Hi. You're a tard.

  4. Ah... thank you!

    It's pretty un-natural how nice my readers are.