Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is why I'm constantly bitchy.


So - you remember I'm having to deal with the neighbors about the fences that blew down here a couple of weeks ago right? Yes, no, anyone?

Turns out I have to deal with three of them. Neighbors that is. One is motivated to do something. The cheap neighbor with the dog who apparently stiffs contractors. Allegedly.

At last report - I told him my guy was out of town, and that he should get some quotes on his own. He is turning the damaged fences into his insurance company. Despite the fence being broken since the moment we moved into this house two years ago. I was turning a blind eye to the insurance fraud - because honestly I just want my fence fixed. Okay.. so you are up to speed on the back story. Right?

So - he comes over today to ask if I'd gotten any quotes for the repair. Which I had. But, since it was from one of my guys - it was less than what the normal charge for replacing it would be. The neighbors half of the fence would be about 800 bucks. Normally it would be about a grand. Cheap neighbor, hasn't gotten any quotes apparently, and wants my guys to give him a "fair market quote". Translation... he wants my contractor to make a higher quote on paper. So he can turn it into his insurance company. Then pay the original quote cost. About 800 bucks.

Let's just put him wanting me to help him with insurance fraud aside for a moment. He has a deductable of 500 bucks. So, for 300- 500 bucks, he is going to have his rates go up. And risk them booting him. Insurance companies take a dim view of people turning in a lot of small claims. A lot of times they will just cancel you.

But at least he gets to make a net profit of about 200 bucks. Just Ridiculous. I'm not sure why he thinks I want to help him make any money from the insurance company, when I'm paying full price for the repairs anyway.

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