Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everything is going to be okay.

I think.

Yesterday was pretty much a meltdown. It was the first day I'd felt I'd lost control of my project. My kitchen guy is now at the house helping me with some stuff while we are waiting for the kitchen to arrive. He is a really good guy. A bit of a control freak - but he does amazing work.

From here on out.... lets just call him the alpha contractor.

Oh yeah. I've come to realise you can tell who the alpha contractor is - by who has the most ginormous truck. Honestly. I know what the hierarchy of the contractor in my house by the size of his truck. You notice lawn guys normally drive around in somewhat small trucks. They are lower on the contractor hierarchy.

So anyway.. back to the alpha contractor. Lets just say - he and I have a struggle of wills occasionally. Well.. pretty often. Since he is the alpha contractor, and really the professional - he tends to want to do things his way. But unlike a lot of people who turn houses - we've been working on houses for a long time. We definitely don't do things as quickly as someone does that job 24/7 - but we aren't dumb asses either.

So it took me about an hour yesterday to convince him that our pocket doors wouldn't suck. He hates them because they always tend to jam up over time. Which is true. Plus, the doors are not hollow core, and therefore heavy and more prone to jam up over time. After Mr S. hunted down some super heavy duty hardware to make sure that doesn't happen - he was fine. But it was a struggle.

I know I should be happy he doesn't just say okay to everything I want.. and I am. I just want some happy mediums some day. I know.. greeeeedy!

Which brings me to my other revelation. When I started this whole thing I was absolutely convinced I wasn't going to be anything like Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out. I felt I was neurotic. Just not that neurotic. But - I totally get it now. Contractors drive you to insanity. You really have to walk around with a tape measure and a level making sure they are doing everything correctly. It isn't like I haven't often been driven crazy by contractors, but with such a short project time frame - they can really grind you down to the nubbins.

In other news - I made it through the DMV. It was mostly fine. The interesting thing is, that Mr S's licence expires in July. So, we thought we would both renew at the same time.

Apparently if you renew early - you have to take the test. Which would have been fine if he had known that before hand. He would have just done a once through refresher read while we were waiting. But - if he renews 60 days before his licence expires, he can sail right through without the test. I don't really understand the logic of that. Its like they penalize you for being proactive. Whatever.

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