Friday, January 04, 2008

These three crisis' are me.

Today was a pretty intense day. It really needed the song "O Fortuna" running in the background. You know... the one from Excalibur.

Not only were we trying to keep our garage from flooding - the crap shack also started to flood. So, between rotating 7 giant keg sized buckets in the garage to catch leaks, we had to try and figure out a way to divert water away from the foundation of the crap shack.

I'd like to say I'm upset about it. But honestly, I'd rather know now - than when another 100 year storm hits in a couple of years. 100 year storms hit every few years in California apparently.

I obviously don't want to get sued. But also we want the new owner's of the crap shack to be happy with the house. It would suck to move in a find out your place floods, and the previous owners probably knew about it. (Like the garage at my house for example.) It's not un-fixable, just surprising considering how much water was around the foundation. I guess it should have clicked with me why the neighbors yards are all higher than ours.

Anyway...the hurricane force winds were taking down trees everywhere.

Rain was coming down in buckets and making everything flood.

The wind was strong enough it actually put out the water heater pilot light in the garage. And - I still need to deal with my 2 neighbors about the fences.

But hey - the original worry of the morning, the crap shack gates - held up beautifully.

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