Thursday, June 14, 2007

What is up with Pedestrians?

Well... I almost hit someone this morning. My nerves have been messed up every since. Now I have to go on a rant about it. This is what happened.

My light was green and I was making a right turn into the lane nearest the sidewalk. After I completed the turn, about 30 feet from the crosswalk this guy runs into the road. He is only watching the green light and not any traffic. It was like slow motion even though he was at a full sprint. He never once took his eye off that light.

I came really close to hitting this guy, and if I were going any faster I would have. It was that close. I could tell it shook the guy up as well. The blood probably drained from both of our bodies. I know it did mine. It was one of those "I could have gotten very hurt today" moments. He did wind up crossing again. In the cross-walk this time.

I was in my truck... so he would have taken a full body impact.

Which is where I am going to start my rant.

I've noticed in the last year that pedestrians have exhibited an uncanny trust of traffic. At least once a week I see someone barrel right out into the road and not even look. Not check to make sure traffic is stopping. Nothing. A few days ago my husband and I saw a woman walk out into the road and her face was totally obstructed by a package.

I just don't get it. With more and more people being distracted by phones and other in-car devices, I don't really understand why peds (pedestrians) have become less cautious rather than more. It just also really annoys me because I was hugely affected after hitting that dog. I don't really know how I would cope if I hit a person. This pedestrian behaviour happens so often, I'm surprised I haven't seen someone else hit one of them. I don't really want those images in my head either.


  1. Sounds like a bit of natural selection to me. I walk whenever I can and I never, never trust that traffic will stop just because I put my daintly little foot out from the curb.

  2. I also hate those peds who wait at the crosswalk, but not on the curb. Why do they think that 2 feet from the sidewalk is a good place to be?

  3. Monicker - I just don't believe you live on the West Coast. Love natural selection in action.. as long as it doesn't mess with my head. I'm all for viewing the pictures - just don't want to be involved.

    MDG - I could pop a whole fuse on peds. Okay - so this is also a new thing here.

    Peds never walk any faster when crossing the street. I wouldn't be at all shocked to see one bend down and tie a shoe in the middle of crossing the road. They may or may not know you are waiting for them to finish so you can drive past them. They won't care either way.

  4. Sounds like my 5 year old has more sense. He gets all righteous on you if you don't look both ways 300 times before crossing.

    Hopefully he'll stay that cautious - the drivers where I live are terrible.

  5. peds have the right of way either way but yes you shouldnt trust that vehicles will obey and yield