Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm never shopping there again.

Okay - today I go to the market to pick a few things up. I walk through the semi cold area. What do they call that area anyway?. The area they keep cheese and lunch meats. I'm going for ricotta cheese - if it matters.

So - I turn the isle and there is a guy stocking the shelves. But - he is standing in the freezer area. On top of a mound of bacon. His size 10-ish shoes. Right on top of packages of bacon. Not on the metal lip that keeps everything from falling out.

Am I the only one with the illusion they should be handling products in a sanitary way?

I walk down to the other end of the isle to get my ricotta cheese and think to myself "I've gotta take a picture of this guy" because who stands on products that will eventually be sold.

Damn - my memory cache is full. I delete a few pictures, and try again. He's still on top the the bacon. Phone still complaining about not enough space. So I give up.

I would have complained.. but would it have really mattered?


  1. Huh. I would imagine that those packages would be pretty slippery, that's an OSHA issue right there. I wish that your camera would have been working. What are you making with the ricotta?

    "Open Vertical Cooler" BTW.

  2. You never cease in making me say "holly shit - look at that".

    He was standing in one that looked like 3rd from the last. But the one you can barely see in the back of the picture.

    And - I didn't even think of it being a safety issue. I just don't want people stepping on the food I might buy.

    Mental note - install camera software on suck-ass machine so I can down-load all that stuff and free up space.

  3. ugh - I wouldn't shop there again either.