Sunday, June 17, 2007

Robogames 07' - Part II.

In retrospect, I'm not going to post as many pictures as I thought I would. I don't think I got that many great shots anyway. There are probably a ton of other sites that will have great coverage.

I was super happy the games had a bunch of robots and exhibits to see. The trade-off is it was hard to get good photos. Kids were everywhere as would be expected at this kind of event.

Kids don't have a concept of either looking cute so you can get a "precious moment" shot. Or letting you take your photo before they completely surround the target. Then all you can get is that back of their heads. From every angle. Like this:

The adults can be bad too... and some of those guys with the little handheld video camera were the worst. They would stand right in front of an object, and stay there for like 5 minutes. Often times when there wasn't any movement from the item they were shooting. I'm not going to go off on a rant about it too much, because this is really typical of these types of events.

Anything technology causes people to loose their minds and have no concept of anything around them. One more thing. Exhibitor's! If you want people to take photos of your stuff - don't make it hard for photographers. Don't stand in front of your exibit or move your items around constantly.

There was one exhibitor's item I was trying to take a picture of. He rearranged his display 10 times within the space of two feet, while standing right in front of it the whole time . I finally gave up after about 4 minutes.

More to follow...

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