Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In Security News.

This week has been mainly occupied by finding clever ways to form a police state.

Well.. without the police "and stuff". It's only a few days until the neighbors party, and we will be up in the City. (San Fransisco) We got all of our cameras last week. Plugged a couple of them in, and the inside camera promptly overheated and died. Which would have made me crazy, but Luk Werks has already shipped a replacement.

The interesting thing about the system is that its quasi wireless. Meaning - it isn't wireless, but actually finds its connection through the wires in your house via the outlet plugs. So you can plug them in anywhere you have electrical outlets, and it must send out an electrical current to talk to the receiver in the next outlet plug. It's sort of hard to describe - so just go to the site and look at the pretty pictures.

Even if the whole thing winds up pissing me off - you have to admit that is a clever design.

Since we are sort of a high profile house on the block, we didn't really want to make the cameras too obvious. So this was our solution.

We were going to swap the garage doors, but in light of a time crunch we just decided to swap the opaque panels in the windows to clear plexi. See - that one on the right isn't swapped yet. Doing it this way makes it doubly nice because we aren't spying on the neighbors, we just want to protect our cars, and maybe keep an eye on the robotic mower.

I really need to get some updated pictures of that thing. Just this weekend 2 more neighbors came to watch the mower. It never gets old for them. Anyway.. I'm starting to digress.


  1. Oooh, neighbors watching neighbors...or miscreants, I suppose. Can't wait to hear how the spying goes!

  2. Hopefully super boringly. If they don't make it onto the property we shouldn't see anything. Oddly - they were the ones who suggested we put cameras up. But that was before they planned a barely legal keg party. I don't know - 21-ish guys and alcohol. Should be no problem.

    But it will suck if I have to "have that conversation" with them. We actually kind of like each other. I mean - I think...we're the only neighbor all the rest of them talk to. Who knows - just scratch all that.