Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's all about my rack.

I'm still on this crusade to have some surgery. Hopefully sometime before the sun burns out. So - I figure I would just make an appointment with my GP, to see if I can get things moving along.

My doctor has treated me for various problems with my back over the years, but he hasn't really had a first hand look at the problem. Mostly because I sort of had a crush on him for a while. Thankfully over the years he had convinced me he was gay. But not convinced enough to show him my parts.

So - I go in and talk to him about the problems I was having with the surgeons office. I explain to him how I'm stalled because I can't get his office and the surgeons office to communicate, and I urge him to take a look at me. (He'd never seen them). Because at this stage I really need my doctor to fight the insurance company on my behalf. I could tell he really wanted to look, even though he didn't really want to ask. I'm sure he sees that stuff all the time.. but I got a vibe he was much happier I offered.

So - I take my shirt off..... and now I'm pretty convinced now my doctor is not gay.

Of course he was really professional...but straight men make a super hard attempt to not react, but they just can't help it.

Needless to say.... I'm hopeful the process will get easier for me. And I'm happy to report that I'm doing a bang-up job of minimizing these puppies. All the medical professionals I've shown them to say they would have never guessed I was as big as I am. They also seem much more willing to help get them whittled down.

If I would have known how hard it was to get through just getting okay'ed for surgery I would have started this process a year ago. At this rate, I'm guessing maybe by Christmas I might be all fixed up.

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  1. That is so funny! Just show the guy some boob to get the ball rolling.

    Unfortunately/fortunately I have not ever had a Hottie Doctor. I have once been to see a very HOT oral surgeon. But that was only for one appointment.

    I think it would be kind of weird to have a HOT doctor. Especially since I got to a Family Clinic where my regular Dr. does EVERYTHING. It's weird enough since I think he looks like he's about 12.