Saturday, June 30, 2007

How I'm still ruining the earth.

I have to admit.. I don't really care that much about ruining the earth. A meteor is just going to come through and make everything right with the universe anyway.

So - when a company's packaging gets on my radar - you know it has to be excessive. You can see this stuff happens all the time. Here.

This is a simple roll of lead tape. It was the only thing that was in that box. WTF?

Does it really cost less to send a big box like this rather than a small envelope? I mean.. that's only explanation. Right? Lead tape isn't breakable.


  1. I order items for work fairly regularly and get the same over-packaging...for unbreakable items. Very frustrating to have to throw away ten gallons of styrofoam for one ounce of metal.

  2. Our family just contributed a massive ammount to the landfill this weekend.
    Freaking children's toys are packaged in so much plastic and other crap that it is unbelievable!