Sunday, June 17, 2007

The economy slows on Fathers Day?

I'm a little fascinated by Fathers Day - being the bastard child I am (literally). Hey - I heard doesn't bother me. It isn't sad. So stop it.

Mr S. and I chose today to lay around all day and do nothing. Well, after talking to his dad on the phone and providing tech support.

We eventually decided to venture out for supplies and noticed the whole city was deserted. Nuclear holocaust style. It was all tumbleweeds and echos. I don't even think the traffic was this low on Christmas Day.

Apparently dads just want to lay around all day and do nothing. I guess that is the perfect fathers day for them. Which makes me a little conflicted because all of a sudden I think Fathers Day is the perfect time to shop. Think about it.. no one at the home improvement stores. Or anywhere for that matter.

Mr S. can stay home and lay around if he wants.. but Fathers Day is my new shopping day. Who else is going to prop up the economy?

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  1. Oh yeah! We participated in some serious retail therapy yesterday. Poor M. Sarge, I drug him around the craft store, and Target for a couple of hours.
    It was great, but not qite the waste land that you had there.